Abigale Bell



As an artist, I use natural elements to convey ideas like love and happiness. The unique beauty we see in nature is a product of a creative God who is Himself unique and beautiful. Through my work, I seek to emphasize the vibrancy of life. I hope to bridge the gap between shallow, fast-paced lifestyles and the unhurried quietude of nature.To me, the most important thing about my work is whether it brings the viewer to an awareness of something greater than themselves. My work is simply a reconstruction or reorganization of what has already been created. To understand my work is to understand the better One who created all in perfection and invites us to take part in the world He intended for us.


I am a visual artist from central Alabama. My primary work is painting, printmaking, and ceramics. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at the University of Mobile and am expected to graduate in May of 2024. I am a studio assistant for the University of Mobile Art Department. I love art most of all, but when I'm not in the studio, I enjoy spending time outdoors kayaking and hiking. To me, there's no greater feeling than that of the sun on your back and the great big green earth to explore!


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